Monday, April 5, 2010

Author Interview | Jackie Dolamore

This was originally supposed to be posted around the release of Magic Under Glass, but the publisher and author were a little busy! But anyways, here's an interview with the creator of an awesome book :) Please stick with my lame and boring questions...I'm working on it!

1.) Where did you first get the idea for Magic Under Glass?

My first novel had been rejected a bunch of times, and I was realizing it was inherently flawed, so I was thinking about what I could write next. I write what I want to read more of, and one thing I wanted to see more of was fantasy inspired by the Victorian era. I've always loved the domestic history of that time, so once I thought of writing a novel set in a brooding Victorian house, ideas started coming quickly...

2.) Do you have any specific places you love to write?

I love to write on the porch and watch the squirrels, but it's not very ergonomic, so I'm kind of stuck in my bedroom at my desk. I dream of a house where my desk in by some windows!

3.) How long did it take you to write Magic Under Glass?

Two years before it was accepted. It was the only book I worked on in two years, however. It was probably three drafts that took about three months each to write, but the thinking months in between were just as important as the writing.

4.) Is there going to be a sequel?

Yes! The sequel just became official. It's called Magic Under Stone.

5.) Are you working on any other works? If so, what is it going to be about?

Well, the sequel isn't written yet, so mostly I am working on that. My next proje
ct that is in the simmering stage will probably be a fantasy novel based loosely on the silent film Metropolis. I have another completed book as well that is with my agent at the moment.

6.) What you first saw your book on the shelves, what was running through your head?

It's kind of a dazed, blank feeling. Extremely happy, on one hand, and in other ways strangely anticlimactic. You wonder why everyone in the stores isn't there looking at your book. Instead you're just standing in a lonely aisle looking at three lonely copies. Although, I actually managed to sell a copy to a couple of teenage girls in the aisle at the very first store where I went to look at it. That made my WEEK.

7.) Any last words?

Thanks for having me!

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