Thursday, February 11, 2010

Author Thursdays | Alexandra Bullen

For this author, her 2010 release was something a lot of us were waiting. The first Author Thursdays author is Alexandra Bullen; the wonderful author of Wish.


Wish was really intense (in a good way!), so what inspired you most to write Wish?

Thanks for having me, Kaylyn. You're right - WISH deals with some pretty heavy stuff. I think that's where the idea for a little bit of magic came from, actually. I'm not usually big into wishes and fairy tales, but there was something about meeting Olivia when she was so low, and so unable to pick herself up, that made it seem like she desperately needed some extra special help.

When you're writing, do you need any essentials?

It really depends on the day and on what I'm writing. Sometimes it's absolutely quiet at my desk, and other days it's music and the couch.

When you first saw your book on the shelves, what was running through your mind?

I just recently saw WISH on shelves in the bookstore I used to spend hours in growing up. It was amazing to see my book displayed in the very place I found so many of my all-time favorites.

Is there going to be a sequel?

There is going to be a sequel, of sorts. It's a brand-new story with all new characters, but Poseyand her magical dresses will be back to grant three more wishes to another deserving girl. I'm working on it now and it's been so much fun to write!

Lastly, are you anything like your main character, Olivia? Any last words?(:

When we meet Olivia at the beginning of the book, she's never really had a chance to be herself. When Violet was alive, Olivia was always living in her sister's shadow, and now that Violet is gone, she's so overcome by sadness that it's hard for her to move on. I relate a lot to the way that Olivia depends on other people to bring her out of her shell, and admire the way she ultimately is able to step into the spotlight on her own.

Thanks for the great questions!



  1. Great interview and feature! I definitely want to read this :)

  2. This is a new author with a new book for me and it sounds like a must read and is on my To Buy List for the future..

    Thanks for sharing Kaylyn

    jackie b central texas


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