Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review | The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard

Title: The Secret Year
Author: Jennifer Hubbard
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Pages: 192
Rating: 3/5 (Check rating scale in sidebar. This is not a bad rating.)

"Seventeen-year-old Colt has been sneaking out at night to meet Julia, a girl from an upper-class neighborhood unlike his own. They’ve never told anyone else about their relationship: not their family or friends, and especially not Julia’s boyfriend.When Julia dies suddenly, Colt tries to cope with her death while pretending that he never even knew her. He discovers a journal she left behind. But he is not prepared for the truths he discovers about their intense relationship, nor to pay the price for the secrets he’s kept."

My thoughts:

The Secret Year is an emotional, heartbreaking book that met my expectations, but didn't amaze me.

Colt's character was written highly relateble. You could sense just how much he felt for Julia and the pain that he feels after he loses her to a fatal car accident. Anything that he felt throughout the story, you felt it as well. And being in a male's point of view is really telling you something! I think the author created Colt amazingly.

The writing was fantastic, you could create vivid images with the emotions and descriptions. The letters to Colt from Julia were, to be blunt, boring. All you hear about is her wanting to break up with Austin. I expected more from the letters, and didn't get it. To me, this book was a mix between Romeo and Juliet and The Outsiders. And I loved that!

Emotionally consistent and an overall good read, this book is really something and I definitely think you should read this no matter what people say about it!

Disclaimer: Borrowed from the local library.

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  1. Great review...it doesn't sound like anything exceptional, but it still sounds interesting. I'll get to this one eventually :)


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