Saturday, February 13, 2010

Review | Wish by Alexandra Bullen

Title: Wish
Author: Alexandra Bullen
Publisher: Point
Pages: 336
Rating: 5/5

"For broken-hearted Olivia Larsen, nothing can change the fact that her twin sister, Violet, is gone... until a mysterious, beautiful gown arrives on her doorstep. The dress doesn't just look magical; it is magical. It has the power to grant her one wish, and the only thing Olivia wants is her sister back.

With Violet again by her side, both girls get a second chance at life. And as the sisters soon discover, they have two more dresses-and two more wishes left. But magic can't solve everything, and Olivia is forced to confront her ghosts to learn how to laugh, love, and live again.

In a breathtaking debut from Alexandra Bullen, Wish asks the question: If you could have anything, what would you wish for?"

My thoughts:

Wish is a heart squeezing, emotional, and magically created book that's worth every minute of your time.

The main character, Olivia, is your type of girl that's overcome with grief. She can't really live, or even thrive because of it. She was my favorite character and you really saw her grow out of that grief and finally accept everything that's happened. Soren and Miles, our main boys, were amazing characters as well. Soren is your carefree guy, who just skates around. Then you have Miles, the quiet, low-key guy. Both are awesome and have a significance in Olivia's life. As all of the characters do. Violet to me plays a bigger importance in the book. To me she urges Olivia over her grief and pushes her to live. She's a major importance, as I said, each and every character plays a part. Well, most anyways.

The writing was fantastic and had just enough oomph and creativity to keep you flipping pages. I have to get this through; this book is
not just about fairytales and happy endings. There's more to it than that. More of getting through something terrible in your life. Forgiving the guilt that you feel. About not letting the past overcome everything you do in your present. The author portrayed that perfectly. Even though the beginning started a little slow, I think it works perfectly well with the novel.

Overall, I really, really recommend this book. Just think, not all books about wishes are fun and games. Some are just more intense and deeper than that.

Disclaimer: Borrowed from local library.

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