Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Changes-For the good!

I feel like I've been lacking on reviews, memes, and everything blog-worthy. I can't seem to get into a book, like at all. You can call it a book slump. Mine don't last very long, but it's still there... ya know? Anyways that's the first half of this annoucnment? Okay, whatever.

I've been meaning to start a schedule. If you remember, there was a poll at the top of my blog. From what I saw, you guys like two to three reviews a week. To me, that's perfect. I also did a post, and deleted it because it wasn't getting much attention, and it showed you guys like to switch it up a bit with memes, intereviews, etc. So I've come up with a weekly schedule for my blog! Neat, huh? Yeah probably not.

Monday: None
Tuesday: Review
Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday (That'll be easy!)
Thursday: Author Interview
Friday: None
Saturday: Review
Sunday: In My Mailbox

Okay, that's not going to be direct on right now, but eventually it'll get started up and I'll be needing your guy's opinions. So yeah. Is the schdule too much? Too little? Just perfect? Any other ideas? Leave a comment below! Please? [:



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