Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What They Always Tell Us: Martin Wilson

James: Popular, smart, and athletic, James seems to have it all. But the only thing James really wants is his college acceptance letter, so he can get far away from Alabama after high school. He's tired of the same old parties; the tennis team; his so-called girlfriend; his ex, Claire - and especially his quiet younger brother, Alex. In a town where secrets are hard to keep, everyone knows what Alex did at the annual back-to-school party. The only question is why.

Alex: With his friends no longer talking to him and his brother constantly in motion, Alex is prepared to get through Junior year on his own. And he would, if his ten-year-old neighbor, Henry, didn't keep showing up, looking for company. Even James seems intrigued by Henry, and by the strange cars that come and go from his house across the street. But what Alex cares most about is running, and when he's encouraged to try out for cross-country, he's suprised to find more than just a supportive teammate in his brother's friend Nathen.

Thoughful and moving, What They Always Tell Us is powerful debut novel about the bond between two brothers- and the year that changes everything.

This was an amazing debut novel from Martin Wilson. It follows two brothers, James and Alex, James is getting very tired of the usual happenings in his small neighborhood, and Alex has started to become a loner for several reaons. It goes back and forth between the two brothers, and it's my favorite kind of writing. From reading the inside cover of this book, I could almost tell that it was going to be about a guy finding who he really is and someone who finds hope and kindness from the same gender. It was all put out there beautifully. The character I loved the most would have to had been Alex, because it seemed James didn't really care about anything and I don't like that in a character; But for the last few chapters I had some leway for James, he grew on me. This is an amazing book and you should go get a copy.

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