Sunday, January 10, 2010

IMM/Award [24]

Short week, but I could care less because I have enough books to read...Lol. Anyways, I just got one book for review and it is:

"Jill Jekel has always obeyed her parents’ rules – especially the one about never opening the mysterious, old box in her father’s office. But when her dad is murdered, and her college savings disappear, she's tempted to peek inside, as the contents might be key to a lucrative chemistry scholarship. To better her odds, Jill enlists the help of gorgeous, brooding Tristen Hyde, who has his own dark secrets locked away. As the team of Jekel and Hyde, they recreate experiments based on the classic novel, hoping not only to win a prize, but to save Tristen’s sanity. Maybe his life. But Jill’s accidental taste of a formula unleashes her darkest nature and compels her to risk everything – even Tristen’s love – just for the thrill of being… bad."

Yupp, I'm really excited to read that one! [:


Anyways, instead of doing two posts today, I'm going to post this award that I got and pass it on as well. It's saving...time? Ah, whatever. Cindy, from Simple Life and Reading gave it to me! Thanks!

Here are the rules it comes with:
List 10 things that make you happy.

Try and do at least one of them today.
Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.
Link back to the person that tagged you.

1.) My nieces, they're adorable &
can brighten any day.
2.) Getting followers!
3.) Getting texts at three in the morning [:
4.) Laughing hysterically.
5.) Being out at night in a car; don't ask.
6.) Getting packages in the mail.
7.) When my smallest niece misses me so much
she runs & falls into my arms.
8.) Dancing around when no ones home!:P
9.) Hugs.
10.) Life!

Well, that took longer than I thought... ha.

I nominate:

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  1. Wha!? You're LUCKY! Everyone seems to be getting Jekel Loves Hyde (except me, of course, lol) O_O

    Kudos on your happy award! <3

  2. Well, getting 1 book is okay, only means you can catch up on the rest of your books.

    Thanks for the award & Congrats to you too!

  3. For just getting one book, you got a really good one! I've been seeing it everywhere and it's on my wish list :)

    Thanks for the award!!

  4. Congrats on your award, and thanks for nominating me! I forgot about Jekel Loves Hyde, it sounds good..... I really like your #4 in the 10 things that make you happy :). I love laughing.

  5. :O JEKEL LOVES HYDE! I've gotta read this. You're so lucky :)

    Congrats on your award!

  6. Thanks so much for the award and congrats on receiving it. :D


  7. Thanks for the award!
    I'll be sure to pass it on!


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