Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon! (:

**This contains no spoilers!**

So we, me and my aunt, had this planned out for months. And finally, finally!, the day came. You should have seen me. I was talking up a storm because I was so excited. So we drive then get there perfectly fine. It was way too early, so we went to White Castles to sneak in a snack and looked like idiots from giggling too much. xD. Back to the theater, we found ourselves sitting under an Eclipse poster for about an hour. We attacked the door where the movie was showing. And was still showing the other part. Get this, I was able to see the corner of the movie. And my self restrain was running low. So I peeked, but didn't see much.

Then there was this guy. He seemed purty normal to me. Cept' he's wearing all black with a trench coat. When I look closer his eye are ICE blue. No lie, it wasn't natural. Then I saw his teeth... he had two inch fangs. So that pretty much convinced me there are vamps. Shut up, I know you can get extensions and stuff along with contacts, but still! Enough of this crap...let's get to the good stuff!

I heart Chris Weitz. He made the movie so much better than the first one. He stayed absolutely true to the book and that amazed me. Somehow, he Incorporated a lot of dialogue. Jacob. No words can describe how good his acting was. Not to mention the...erm... build. The wolfs. They're sexy and are now my favorites. Edward. Omg. He was so depressed looking and delicious. The movie was everything I expected and a lot more. The ending pissed me off, I'm not kidding! I was reading some reviews saying the ending wasn't in the book. I totally disagree. It was the exact ending just mixed around. So yeah, I totally disagree with all of you who say that. Still... I swooned xD. The acting was suburb, definitely amped up by a lot of levels. The vampire running was much better, it was realistic. Jasper! I loved that he talked in this one, and each time it was really funny. Awww. I loved it. Oh, yeah. I did. Then we went home, or at least we tried.

We got lost. I witnessed a creepy down at three in the morning, which happens to be the witching hour. Evil crap comes out at that time. Or so I heard. It was still creepy! After an hour we made it back. The stars were amazing, I never seen so many! (:

So yeah, I thought I would blog about this on a personal level and not book related. It wasn't so much a review, but hey, who cares, it's New Moon!(: I'm going to look for online version, seeya.


  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Christ Weitz! He made the story come true to life in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE! He's awesome, I think he deserves an Oscar. of those director trophies thingies.

    LMFAO at the guy in a trenchcoat! That's sooo cool! I've always wanted to see a vampire. Haha.

    Omg, I have GOT TO watch New Moon again! I tried to focus on everything and what the characters were saying that I almost hurt my brain. I missed the part when Paul said, "Sorry" to Bella in a funny way (right after their fight). Haha. Darn it.

  2. Observation: Lautner made all other other males in this movie look out of shape and flabby


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