Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Win The Hollow's Perfume!

If you have read The Hollow, you know that Abbey makes perfume. Am I right? Yes, do you want to win those perfumes? Including Caspian's, Kirsten's, and Abbey's. I know you wanna... so where I'm heading is a contest at Books Obession. It ends when New Moon comes out! Or if you have no sense of reason, it's Friday.

Here's theee link, go on go and enter it. I know you want to smell the perfumes in the book. I know you do! :P And just shut.up about the picture. Of course I didn't want to see the full on kiss, but of course I had to post it. And of course I saw it anyways and it's very passionate... Sigh. I'm going to continue watching some more, so, uh, yeah go check that contest out and...sneak a look at that picture I know you wanna!

Ahem, rambling, sorry >.<

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  1. Thanks for posting!

    Haha it seemed like that kiss would never end. :P


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