Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fangs 4 Freaks by Selena Robar

Title: Fangs 4 Freaks
Author: Selena Robar
Pages: 212
Publisher:Berkley Publishing
Rating: 5/5

Psi Phi house is just like any sorority house except for the part about us being half-blood vampires. I've emancipated my fellow half bloods and laid the smacjdown for some way-needed new laws. Things should be great, right? Er, wrong! For starters, the Vapire Tribunal is dumping the newest pledges on my lawn...bound and gagged. And Thomas, my hunky Vampire Investigator boyfriend, is a little too much of a gentlemean. Hello?! Is my butt to big or something?

Home sweet vampire home? Even with it's posh pink interior, things arent' exactly cushy for us ladies at Psi Phi house. One sisters wants to return to her vegan lifestyle- while another is constantly poised for a fist fight. And royal bloodsucker Ileana Romanav things everyone is her personal butler. A cozy coven it may not be, but a shlter from harm must be - which is proving to be harder than expected. Leaked info on the sisters' whereabouts is bringing on some ugly, unexpected attacks. Either someone in the Tribunal wants us, or there's a spy in the house, watching us day and night. Or, if it's a fullblood, just night...


I loved this second book of Braced 2 Bite Series. It's still following Colby and her Undead existance, and along with some newcomers, other halfbloods just like her. Those characters were well rounded as well, Ileana was very interesting, it was like seeing into the past with her. This book contains some humor and more suspense than you can think of. You'll like this book if you liked the first one, but read the first one first! ;)

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