Friday, July 10, 2009


Hey there! I just wanna post an update of what's been going on where I am. I've been looking for a job, but it's complicated - not really, but still. I've been at my niece's house since Wednesday, and went to the library twice - and each time, I got more books. I already had thirteen at home on the floor, and now I come home with six more. So that's a lot of reading, and reviews, don't you think? And I'm not even close to finsihing them all. So please, look forward to all those reviews - whew more work huh? I have to help my grandmother out at my nieces house again as she gets surgery - Pray for her, or something, thank you - so that's some reading time but no reviews, but they're going to get on here eventually. Well that's it! Keep on reading young ones (;

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