Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night Book Wars!

Hi, hi. Sorry I didn't post Teaser Tuesday or Waiting on Wednesday. I've been at my sisters, visiting and didn't have time to do so. But this Friday's book is The Vampire Diaries Volume 1. Yes, it has the first two books in there.

Up first, the
UK:My thoughts: This is a like-dislike kind of cover. It's simple, and has the black background with color thing I love. But it's something too cartoonish about it.

The USA:

My thoughts: Mm, I really like this one much, much better. Note the golden eyes, the blood on the lips, and the pale face. Yummy.

Overall: I like our copy better. The theme is represented perfectly on the cover. While on the UK's what the hell does that apple have to do with vampires? Yeah, you guessed who the winner is. It's our cover [;

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