Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nighttime's Darling Songs! (Afternoon)

I had to. Don't kill me. I'm a music fanatic. It's really weird this time around, but I'm hyper....again. So they're songs that will make you wanna dance! Depends on who's listening, but fudge, who cares! (: Yeah, yeah. Too many of these and not enough books. But trust me. I have about 20 or more books to read? Yeah, look out for all that jazz tomorrow.

I was just dancing to this, it's very dance worthy. You'll find me listening to this type of music more than often. Okay, not that often, but still :D

I'm starting to like this guy... (:

I know you've heard of these guys. They are AMAZING.

.....Maybe I'm just weird :P

Well, I'mma scatter... Catcha later!

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