Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teaser Tuesday! [o9]

Hey, guys. Sorry I didn't post last weeks Teaser Tuesday, I was kind of busy. I noticed I got two more followers overnight, or day, whatever your time is. Thanks so much! To all of you. I'd thought I'd never get to ten much less thirty followers. I know it's not one hundred or whatever, but seriously it's a nice stepping stone (: Anyways... on to the teaser.

"Coast through senior year. Graduate. Travel around Europe. Join boyfriend out East for college.

That's the plan. Then the phone rings.

Vanessa has the next year of her life pretty much figured out. Sure, there's some parental convincing to do but she and her celebrity-obsessed gal pal Taylor pretty much think their plan is airtight.

Then Vanessa's parents get a mysterious phone call and drop a bombshell on her that she never could have imagined. She has a half brother. And he's coming to live with them.

If that wasn't bad enough, this half brother is none other than Hollywood bad boy Reed Vaughn. He's famous. He's going to be a senior, too. And he's going to ruin Vanessa's life for sure...."

Teaser Page 52:

"Sunday at two o' clock my parents and I were standing at the baggage claim area of United Airlines. The scuffed linoleum floor and fluorescent lights weren't exactly the red carpet Reed was used to."

That's it (:


  1. OHH! I've been wanting this book...maybe I'll get it this weekend! It sounds uber exciting! LOL! I love using the word uber!

  2. Hi there Kaylynn. Just wanted to stop by and say hello,with a little reminder that the Covet review deadline is today for Blog with Bite. Stop by and let us know where you posted it, by clicking here. I'm really looking forward to your opinions on the book, and seeing who the Top Reviewers are for Covet! - XO ParaJunkee - your friendly neighborhood BWB Editor

  3. Thanks for your comment!! ;)
    Ohh, I love this book! It's one of the best ones by Jenny O'Connell.

    And I'll definitely enter your contest! :D

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