Monday, October 5, 2009

New Playlist!

Hi, hi. I made a new playlist! The ones I previously had got old after awhile, so I make a new one at least every month. This one is going to have you think I'm nuts. It's a mixture of acoustic, alternative, rock, electronic, pop, classic rock, and country. Soooo it tells you I listen to TONS of genres, but this one was made when I was a tad hyper, and with the help of iTunes, I found hyper-y ones :P I've been good, the player isn't on autoplay. I know how annoying it is to have something play when your speakers are blasted unknown! So I don't do that to you all. [: Of course, if you love music, click on a song. I'm not going to post all the songs, because well, there's like 60 songs! My best playlist yet [;

Oh, and there are some songs featuring Chase Coy, listen to those; he's amazing. Did you hear me? Amazing! Well it's not amazing if you don't like acoustic crap, but still. I recommend that you do. There's an embarrassing song towards the end, it's a Tinkerbell movie song xD I love it, so hush, lol. Anyways, you'll find it at the somwhere in that random mix. Enjoy!

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