Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Night Cover Wars

It's another round of the Friday Night Cover Wars! This week, we have the upcomiing, most want worthy... The Hollow by Jessica Verday. Okay, so that was my lame attempt at trying to be all boxing/wrestling like. Haha. But seriously, this is a good one! Stay put, I mean it!
On a more serious not, also take a silent moment to remember 9/11. Please and thank you.

This, ladies - and gentlemen! - is the cover for the United State's version

Drumroll please. And this, my friends, is the UK version.


What mighty beautiful covers, this week's a tough one. I have to say. I'm loving the vintage, elegant, grey and white cover of the United Kingdom's book. It's super, duper pretty. I'm loving the font and background on this one.

My opinion on the lonely loser. I still like that one, but I think it's just too much going on. The font is a tad too large for my standards. The girl is very pretty as well, and the necklace is there. But our copy holds the darkness that the book is about as well.

It was a close race!

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